Processing Refund requests of your Customers and Sub-Resellers

Your Customers / Sub-Resellers can request a refund from their Debit Account with you. Withdraw Funds is a useful feature allowing your Customers / Sub-Resellers to request for withdrawing funds, that they realise they will be unable to utilise in the near-term. For instance, a Sub-Reseller signs up under you and optimistically sends you USD 2000 to add to his balance. If after a month, he realises that business is slow, he can choose to request a portion of the unused funds back, to help his cash flow.

Once the system receives a Refund Request, you need to complete the formalities by following these steps:

  1. In the Menu, point to Customers / Sub-Resellers -> Billing and then click Pending Withdrawal Requests.

  2. This page displays a list of all refunds requested from you. Select the request in question by clicking the Description link for it.

  3. In the Refund Completion Description view that follows, enter a Description which will be helpful to trace how the refund is sent to the Customer / Sub-Reseller. For instance, if the payment has been done by cheque, enter here the details of the cheque, such as cheque number - which might be used as reference for this transaction in the future.

  4. Click Refund.

  • Once you process the Refund Request for your Customers / Sub-Resellers, the onus is on you to physically refund your Customer / Sub-Reseller by sending him the amount requested via Wire Transfer, Check/Draft, Payment Gateway (if supported), etc..

    Ideally, you should ensure that the refund is sent via the same means it was received. This implies that, if you had received payment via a Check, then you should refund the amount as well via Check, to prevent misuse.

  • Cancelling a Refund Request: In the event that you or your Customer / Sub-Reseller requests the refund to be cancelled, you need to pass a Credit Note of the same amount as the Refund Request. In case your Selling Currency is different your Accounting Currency, then both the values in your Credit Note need to be the same as that in the Refund Request Debit Note and based on this, you would need to modify the Currency Conversion Rate in the Credit Note.

    Additional Information

    Raising a Credit Note

  • If you have received a Chargeback from the same Customer / Sub-Reseller (who has requested a refund), then you need to:

    • cancel the Refund Request (as explained in the above point),

    • process the Chargeback through the system,

    • Refund only the balance amount (if any) - If there are any surplus funds remaining with the Customer / Sub-Reseller after you have processed their Chargeback, you may either request them to place another Refund Request from their Control Panel or you may do so yourselves by logging into their Control Panel and accomplishing the same from the My Billing -> Withdraw Funds menu.