Listed below are some Frequently Asked Questions for 2-Step Verification.

What is 2-Step Verification?

2-Step Verification is a security process in which you provide two means of identification. With 2-Step Verification enabled, you add an extra layer of security to your account. You will be required to sign in with your password and a code sent to your phone.

How will 2-Step Verification affect the way I login?

After you enable 2-Step Verification, you will be required to provide a code sent to your phone along with your username and password when logging into your Control Panel or Supersite.

How will 2-Step Verification affect my profile?

We will verify any changes to your email or phone number by sending a verification code to the previous email / phone number. You will be required to submit this code to complete the change to the email / phone number.

What happens if I lose my phone or can’t access my codes?

You can contact our support team at support@serverpiranha.com to regain access to your account.

How can I offer 2 step verification to my Customers and Sub-Resellers?

2-Step Verification will be available to your Customers and Sub-Resellers by default.

How do I access my Customer's / Sub-Reseller's account if they have enable 2-Step Verification?

You can still login to your Customer's / Sub-Reseller's using the Login to Panel button. Learn how.

What if my Customer/Sub-Reseller loses their phone or can’t access their codes?

You can disable the 2-Step Verification for your Customer/Sub-Reseller, which will allow them to access their account with the password. Learn how.